Thursday, August 6, 2009

1.The Sun Rises

Hello everyone. This is my first post and guess what I am very excited. For the past few weeks I have been wandering through few Indian bloggers friend.I was mesmerized with the amount of efforts and hardwork they put for their blog. I thought to seek and learn a lesson from them.I myself have been writing poems and stories since young.So I plan to share few of my works with you friends.I feel enclaved in this blogworld as I am like some alien in this world and prominently new to this thing.Excuse me if I mess up anywhere.

Well,with my entry into the blogworld the Sun rises.I don't mean to say that sun rises just because I came here.Instead the hail from the land of rising sun,hence the sun rises.I plan to make many friends here and enjoy great poems and literature works.
Hope to meet you guys soon with a new post . Well as I said I am not expert bloggers like you.I can chip in like a sparrow.So can't compare with Vultures and Eagles like you.

Thanks a lot.I will be back soon.